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Anybody have any experience with Blue Wonder?

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I was thinking of trying to cover up some wear marks on my RVs. I know for some the older they look the better but I wanted to see if there was anything out there, short of a full reblue job, that would work.

Appreciate any knowledge ya'll have about it.

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Blue Wonder

Cheyenne Ranger,

I watched the product demonstrations at the 2004 and 2005 SHOT Shows in Las Vegas, NV and paid LOTS of attention and asked the right questions.

From what I saw, Blue Wonder simply has to be the best and most successful of the instant cold blues. The demonstrated wonderfully deep, even, and consistent coloration, with superb abrasion and rust resistance. There is no characteristic "rotten egg" (selenium smell) or after rust like the Birchwood Casey, Numrich 44-40, etc products.

I wanted some right away. Unfortunately, their distributors seem to be falling down on the job, because it's not that easy to even FIND any for sale!!! I believe it costs something like $20 for a small bottle. Expensive, sure, but if it really works as well as demonstrated in front of many thousands of people, it is worth it! Failing to find a local source, we may have to order some. They have a web site, I believe.

blue wonder

Asohn said, it works, and very well. There is a learning curve to get the temperature right, as too cold or too hot don't work, but it seems as permanent as hot blue if it's done right. I've used it quite a bit lately.
Anybody have any experience with Blue Wonde

Howdy! :D

It's a couple of step process and they have a video at their website goin' over it.

I use the Blue Wonder gel like cleaner almost exclusiviely on my TTN to clean the plastic fouling out of the bore and it's the best cleaner I've ever used for this--still not perfect, but durn good!

Otto N. Sure
Anybody have any experience with Blue Wonde

I had gotten some a while back and decided to give it a try this morning. Did pretty well. Used a propane torch to get it really warm and this seemed to do the trick. At first wasn't getting it hot enough. The picture is a comparison of both of my cylinders. Note that the wear marks on the front of the cylinder as well as the Ruger ring are gone. Know the ring will be back but was mostly getting the feel for it.
It did a nice job on ejector rod housing and both sides of front of barrel where the wear was showing. Now we'll see how long it lasts. Nice start though.

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