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Anybody loading the .44 Spcl/Magnum or .444


I don't personally load either of these cartridges with BP. However, I can see no reason not to. I have been tempted to load some .44 magnums just for the fun of it.

The 444 Marlin should make an excellent BP cartridge as long as you apply BP loading techniques to it. It's case shape is very similar to a number of historic BP cartridges. It would not be a legal cartridge for silhouette.

Go for it.

Y'all be good.


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BP in the 444

Plainsman - you and I think alike about shooting black powder in the 444.

I was willing to initially try 60 grains of pyrodex, as it comes in 30 grain pellets it is easy to load and you will know right away what your charge is. Of course, the real Holy Black shooters out there will take aim at my butt for even recommending something other than the original black powder.

Are you going to try this with straight cast bullets favoring a black powder compatible composition? Will you be using 1f or 2f powder?

Ya'll gotta let me know how it goes.

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