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Anyone ever use a Weaver V8 Scope?

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Does anyone have any EXPERIENCE with the old Weaver V8 rifle scope and mounts? :sniper:
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Weaver V8

:D Yes,they were top of the line in their day.I would not be afraid of one today. All of my best quality scopes are of vintage manufacture. Everything about them work fine and they can be bought for a small price when found.I have several B&Ls,and a Lyman All American.My .02 cents worth.I am CAL.......

Thanks, I am Cal.......

Was hoping somone out there had some experience with them. I don't. Guess I'll have to put a couple hundred rounds down range with it and see how it performs. Might be worth hanging onto.

Weaver V8

I have used numerous V8's and B&L Balvar 2 1/2 X 8's as well. Both have given me trouble free performance. I am always looking for either but find the B&L's have more problems with internal contamination than those good old V8's. I have had enough problems with the mounting systems on the Weaver so now as a matter of course I remove them and use the B&L adjustable mounts. Try it and you will keep it! :)
I bought a V8 for 10 bucks this fall and found out it was busted but I did not feel bad because I thought the mounts were worth keeping expecially if I get a scope that the internal adjustments are busted. Jim
Weaver Repair Center repairs the old Weavers.

915-593-1005 :)
Thanks Taxmiser, for the info but this one has been abused badly taken apart and screwed up definately but I wanted the bases, and I feel it would cost more to repair than what is would be worth but the adjustable bases to me are worth the 10 bucks I paid for the scope. Jim
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