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anyone ever use this stuff from Atsko, sno-

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I got me some very nice new leather pack boots.
I was thinking about putting Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing on them to help protect them.

I also got some new polerfleese with wind sheer lining and was thinking about putting the sno-seal Permanent Water-Guard " a solvent free, water-based fluorocarbon polymer water and stain repellent" on them.

what do you people think about this stuff
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SnoSeal works best if you melt it at about 145 degrees (I use the oven when the wife is not watching) and apply it as a liquid to clean, warm boots. However, even SnoSeal will have to be reapplied if your boots are exposed to a soaking. Also, don't expect SnoSeal to keep your feet absolutely dry. GoreTex will do that, but all SnoSeal really does is keep the leather from absorbing water.

I have used the heavy duty Scotchguard on a variety of clothing articles and I don't suppose it is too much different than the Atsko Permanent Water-Guard. The Scotchguard works really well.
I've used SnoSeal for 30 years, it works great. It will need to be reapplied periodically. I always rub it on, and use a hair dryer to heat it where it soaks in. I like it a lot better than GoreTex, which doesn't breathe enough for me, and seems hotter.
I will take a 20 ounce soda bottle and fill it with hot water, then lace the boot up around this. After a few minutes the leather warms up and soaks up a little more sno-seal. I like it quite a bit for workboots and pack boot bottoms.
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