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Anyone have reload data for 300 whisper for

Hi Doc,
The Sierra manual lists the following:
H110 15.1gr @ 1650fps up to 17.7gr @ 1900fps & COAL listed @ 2.100"
My most accurate load was w/16.6gr of H110 COAL of 2.150" @ 1800fps +.
Also load the Hornady 130gr SSP's w/ WC-820 @ 17.7gr & 450 CCI Mag primers seated @ 2.100". The fps is not known. This is a VERY hot load. The cases just start to get sticky. This is also the most accurate load. Great for deer.
I liked the H110 until trying the WC-820. Clean and accurate. Mag primers have to be used though. It is also said to be 10% hotter than H110. Doesn't look like it from the above #'s but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Hope this helps.
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