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Anyone hear of a 30/223 ?

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This would be like a 300Whisper would'nt ?
VanHorn custom guns don't list a 300/221 but they do have a 30/223 :roll:
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just heard about it a few days ago.........

I bet you are right, a lot like a whisper, but with the option of being able to load it hotter.

It's called a .30 Apache. Strictly from memory, though,,,,,,,,Bug.
i've wondered about that several times myself. if the 300 whisper does a good job, looks like the 30/223 would give a little more performance. wonder why you don't hear of it more :?
Well how about this

there is a 30-221 AKA 300 whisper. You have a 30-223 or 30TCU you got a 30-357 MAx and the 30 herrett.
All old rounds with old roots but now being brought back to the limelight.
What advantage would the 30-223 have over the herret?
I would assume if VV or SSk or Van Horn built you a 30 Herrett it would be very accurate.
Just some many wildcats
Knew a guy who had bulberry build a 357 herrett necked down to 7mm and he loved it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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