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Anyone know where to get chokes installed

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Looking for a good gunsmith with a good price to install choke tubes in an older browning citori. I had one gunsmith quote me around 400 bucks to install the screw-ins, sounded to me like I was gettin screwed.... No but did seem a little high, if anyone has had this done and liked the job and the price let me know.
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Briley will do it but price is NOT gonna be cheap. Many gunsmiths do it. Not that difficult if you have the proper equipment. Not all doubles whether SXS or O/U have enough metal to allow it tho.

Just watched a program on the tube that showed the installation of Briely thin wall tubes on an older SxS. By the looks of it the process could not have taken more than 1 hr. Unfortunately no price was quoted.
Kolar makes thin wall choke tubes. Check them out.
I don't know where you're located at in Ohio, but there's a gunsmith in Kenton that will install choke tubes for approximately $90 per barrel. I talked with him about having chokes installed about 3 or 4 years ago, so his prices may have changed.

Gobel's Gun Shop
19170 S.R. 309 East
Kenton, Ohio 43326
Ph.# 419-675-3164

Good hunting, Bowhunter57
my locale smith is a browning service, does excellent work with a great attitude. 10044 hooper rd Baton Rouge La 70818 (225)261-4860 hope it helps
holy cow...

the gunsmith in rice lake (very professional) quoted me a price of 45 bucks (not including the different tubes) to chop the barrel, move the sight, and install choke tubes. which i plan on having doen before too long.
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