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Anyone making a scope mount for the Virgini

No Fella' I don't think anyone out there is making or has made a scope mount specifically for a Virginian Dragoon. Interams quit manufacturing these things a while back, at least before the scope handgun craze hit. I've got a 7 1/2 stainless myself and one time got the idea that it would be a good pistol to get started deer hunting with especially with a red dot sight. To no avail could I find a scope mount for it. A buddy of mine scrounged up a t/c lobo scope mount for a ruger super black hawk out of his shooters box and gave to me to try. The ruger frame and the dragoon frame were quite similar in size. I carried the gun and the mount to a gunsmith and asked his opinion. He said that he could make it work by polishing the mount down a little to fit in the dragoons rear site base and by retapping the rear sight adjustment screw on the dragoon to the same size and pitch as the ruger. At the time I really wasn't too enthused with the idea of retapping and doing some modifications on something just to make it work so I left it alone and learned to shoot open sites within my limitations. I still would like a red dot from time to time while hunting with it but thats a another "What if" story. Good Luck.


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