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Anyone need a freezer full of ruined pelts?

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Sorry guys about not being on the puter much.

Anyone out there need a freezer full of ruined pelts? Oh heck, let's make that 2 freezers!!!!!!!! Yep, had 2 of the blasted things go out on me and lost quite a bit of fur. Been putting in extra long hours trying to save what wasn't slipping. All my other freezers are full to the brim and no where to put it!!

Mallard said he would fly right down and give me a hand---YEAH RIGHT :D That is probably the only hand I will get. :)

So if any of you need some grey fox hair or raccoon hair-- I have plenty. Just have to rake it off the rotten pelt!!!!!
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Thats my worst night mare. years ago some one pulled the plug on a 25 cu.ft.Frezer full of snapper meat.And it was SOLD,just weighting to be delivered. This would'nt be too bad "IF" I found out about it the next day.But I did'nt find out about it till 6 days later. Now that was a set back. Snapper was going for $4.25 lb then.
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