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CZ 550

I bought a CZ 550 in 30-06 last July, ran a cheap Bushnell scope on it at first and found it a good rifle the first 50 rounds while the breakin occured. It is very, very, nicely finished. The bolt was too close to the scope body on the Bushnell, so I put a heavy Nikon 4 X 16 on it and found the accuracy to be super good using some old Kynoch ammo. The bullets were touching each other at 100 yards, wow!

The heavy scope was too ponderous and I put an old Simmons 3 X 9 on that should be lighter to carry. Be sure to remove any oil on the Millett brand rings when installing as they rely on a good contact with the receiver to prevent movement. I hope to handload for it soon and I believe it will be a very nice shooter. Plan to buy a CZ 527 this Spring, and I already have 3 other CZ guns. I am a believer! :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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