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Hello All,
I am planning a flyfishing trip to Apache Lake, Arizona with some
friends in mid-March and was wondering what to expect and how to
prepare. I will be float tubing and using a 6 weight rod. My questions
are as follows:

1. What area of the lake is best for flyfishing and where should we
put in?
2. What fly patterns should we have on hand mainly for smallmouth bass
and (trout, if there are any in this lake)?
3. Are top-water or sub-surface fly's best as well as floating or
sinking line?
4. What time of day is the best for this type of fishing? (We will be
there from dawn to dark).

We will be a group of 3 or 4. We have never fished this lake before
and just want to get out for a fun day on the water. All your help and
know-how is greatly appreciated.
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