I have a number of things listed here.
First are 19 AR magazines. The plastic ones are So. Korean Milt. Surplus, so I was told by the dealerI bought them from many years ago, most unused, several are 20 rd. milt surplus, used but usable, and 3 or 4 commercial magazines. to the best of my knowledge they all function well. selling all together
$130 shipped for the lot ***Reduced to $115-now $100

Next is a CED 7000 competition shot timer. works well, rechargeable internal batteries. Used very little, good condition.
$95 shipped***Reduced to $85

Next is a Archangel stock for a Mini 14. I had a 5xx series in it. Good condition.
$100 shipped*******Reduced to $90-Now $75

Next is a Mini 14 Tapko stock I had the 5xx series in it.
$80 shipped******Reduced to $70 Now $50

Lastly is a Harris Bipod. 16"
$50 shipped*******Reduced to $35 SOLD

Please PM me for questions or purchase-
I would like USPS money orders please.