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Here are some pics of my Bushmaster AR15 in 6.8 SPC. I removed the carry handle/rear sights and replaced them with a scope mount riser and a Bushnell Holo sight. This makes for a light, compact, fast, accurate, effective rifle for deer hunting this year.

I have made some hand loads using information from Accurate Powders and Hodgdon. All powder charges are at the starting specs or mid range area. These loads did not create high velocities but did make for accurate and very manageable rounds. All loads used Remington brass and CCI #34 large rifle primers.

Using the Barnes MRX 130 grain bullet and 25 grains of Accurate 2230 powder gave a 3 shot average speed of 2009 fps.

Using the Remington 115 grain fmj bullets and 27 grains of H335 powder gave a 3 shot average of 2196 fps.

Using Sierra 130 grain flat base soft point bullets and 25 grains of Accurate 2230 powder gave a 3 shot average of 2022 fps.

I have loaded some Remington Corelokt Ultras 115 grain rounds with 2230 and have not chronographed them yet.

All rounds shoot 1-2" at 100 yards. Should make for an interesting deer season. I may work the 115 grain Corelokt bullets up to maximum recommended powder charges for hunting.

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