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Are the Bushnell Elite 4200's made in Japan?

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Or in Korea? I have two Elite 3000, and one Elite 3200, all of which I like very much. The 3000's are Japanese. Was thinking about returning the zeiss and ordering a 2.5-10 Elite 4200 from bear basin. Are these scopes made in Japan? Any recommendations?

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Are the Bushnell Elite 4200's made in Japan

Yes they are made in Japan.

Yes I have a recommendation. Save money and buy it from D&R a sponsor of this site. Tell them you bought it because they sponsor Graybeard Outdoors.

Are the Bushnell Elite 4200's made in Japan

I never knew about dnrsports until I joined this site about a year ago. Since then, I have bought quite a few scopes from dnrsports, and I can tell you first hand that they have the lowest prices and first rate service! :grin:

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