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Can anybody recommend a bear hunting guide in the Ozarks/Ouachitas? (I generally like to get a guide the first time 'round, hunting anything new to me.) A couple years back, I remember seeing a flyer for a black bear guide in Y City.

I have convinced my wife I need (need!) to go black bear hunting. Arkansas & maybe east Texas are the closest places near home with black bear hunts. This will be my first time hunting black bears & my first chance at hunting in quite a while.

I am likely to bring two rifles (primary & backup):

#1 7.5x55 Swiss
K31 Schmidt-Rubin
Old Redfield Wideview 2-7X scope
Issue iron sights
Likely stoked with a handload (165-190gr bullets) I'll develop this summer. (7.5x55 Swiss is roughly equivalent to .308Win & like heavier bullets)

#2 6.5x55 Swede
96/38 Swede Mauser
Mojo aperture rear, issue front iron
May develop handload (140-160gr) this summer or go wiht a commercial cartridge.

FWIW, I own a commercial Rem 700ADL in .30-06, but both of the above out-shoot it, even when it has the scope & the milsurps have nothing but issue irons.


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