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nealglen37 said:
I have not shot the bow but some of the fletching is starting to move.
Not clear what your saying with that statement. If the fletching is already coming off and you haven't even shot the arrows yet i would take them back and make the guy refletch them.

Are you supposed to use some type of glue to hold the nock in place as well as the screw in the insert for the point?
You definately need to glue the inserts in if they haven't been glued. As for the nocks, like already mentioned it depends on what type you have because there are still some that have to be glued on like several of the easton xx75 series shafts. Most shafts these days have press fit nocks and you just push them in like Goldtip carbons or the easton series shafts with the uni-bushing and the super nock.
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