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Asa I need your input here please.

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Asa I was hoping to get your input on this area I want to coyote trap. Heres the deal the area I want to set traps in is a Jackpine plantation and the trees are very thick (the only way to get through them is to crawl there only 10-15 foot tall) there are old 2 track trails running through them. These trails are were im thinking is the only place possable to make sets. Beings the area is surrounded by heavly used snowmobile trails (boxed in by them as a matter afact) these are the only places i can set and be away from traffic and the coyotes are traveling these plantations heavy. (loaded with rabbits and mice) But here is what im wondering about the only way to make sets and check traps here is by walking these 2 tracks they are very narrow and im going to have to just about walk right up to the sets to check them due to low visabilty being so over growen and lots of turns in these trails.
The visabilty thing is another issue Im concerned about as far as coyotes being willing to work the sets and not just spook them. Alittle more information to help out here is the coyotes are traveling down these 2 tracks and crossing them daily/nightly

Being a beginer @ coyote trapping maybe it would be best to just try and find a easyer area to try and get started in. what do you think ?

If you think I should give it a shot is there any advice you might have to help me out here ?

Alittle more information here we have about 2 inches of snow on the ground and this is an all sand area that is not froze at all.

I hope i wrote this so you get a clear enough picture of what im saying here its much easyer to talk face to face. lol

Well thanks for your time Its your choice post here or feel free to Email me thanks again. clint [email protected]
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Thanks for the reply Asa. I know its hard to give advice when you cant see the area for your self. Im thinking the sets are going to have to be made like you describe. The biggest problem is I think im going to have to walk in the trails alittle ways due to the fact that these coyotes are'nt exiting the plantation on these trails. Instead they are exiting in the very thick cover along the main trails that surround the plantations. These Jackpine plantations are very large in size and numerous in my location. (Kirtland Warbler Habitat) They leave these plantations and cross adult timber sections only to get to another thick Jackpine plantation.

Ive watched this areas all summer and fall and seen how they have changed there travel and hunting routes. During the summer and early fall they travel the larger trails. Then when it gets later into fall the Human activity picks up and they start useing the more open areas less and less. Now they are just crossing these larger trails in the thickest cover there is. Im interest to see what they start doing when we get enough snow that the snowmobilers are running the area heavy. If we get snow this year that

Im going to head out there today and see what I can come up with and try to make acouple sets and go from there.

Ok Ive rambled enough here for you im sure Ill keep you posted and im sure going to want to pick your brain as i go. Thanks again Asa.

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