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Asa ?????

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Speaking of making it and not making it...where the heck is Asa :? Ya think he got lost on his way over? Maybe Newt went to get him. See Joe ifin you'd just given up a little of your playin funds and come across with the truck we'd be able to spot the both of em :lol: :lol:
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Man I am so broke that my playing funds amount to 40 cents and some small change. :evil:
Rascal didn't know you were a song writer...your last post, was it the chorus or 3rd verse from "An Old Fur Buyers Blues"? :D :D

That was the chorus. The third verse goes something like this:

I used to have more money than Carter had little liver pills, but the fur market went bad, Carter sold out and usta died! And all my old flames have new names!
Dont' quit your day job! :shock:
Don't know if i'm lost on the way over or not!!! Ace
Dog-gone Ace;
We were wondering about you. Thought maybe you were just putting all your time on the line and tcb.
:D Man are we glad you got here...Rascal's been a real pest! :?
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