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If you guys here don't know or haven't heard yet.. the ATF on Friday
changed the rules on imported barrels ... They are going to cut off
importation of barrels that they said were not for sporting use...
Now i realize most of you guys with milsurplus bolt guns may not be affected but the change is the regulations will affect people who build kit
guns.. AK's, FAL's, ect ect...
They want the barrels cut on these weapons before there imported,,
meaning the cost of building a semi auto kit will sky rocket if a new
US made barrel will have to be bought..
Although no Official word has been posted from the government
a couple people that are licenced importers were told that their
licence was pulled for importing parts kits... There has been a
run on distributers who sell kits.. a few are sold out and others
have pulled their inventory..
Hopefully this next week there will be a offical word from the ATF
regarding this new rule change...

as for myself i am a kit builder too and i see this to be true ..I
jumped on a nice unusual kit i been wanting on a auction site
figured get it now while you can before its to late ...

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I'm sorry guys but I just don't quite know what's wrong with the idiots who propose laws or regulations that would curtail only law the abiding use of materials for building component firearms.

What the hay do they think, that those of us who like 'kit guns' are the ones who are going to commit crimes with 'guns we put together but nobody knows about'????

BS - if law abiding citizens decide to revolt and use firearms, it certainly isn't going to be with something that can be traced back to them. What the hay, with all the illegal or stolen stuff you can buy out of the trunk of a car who is gonna be dumb enough to commit a crime with their own gun. Geez but those people are stupid.

And, do they really think that their rediculous efforts to remove guns from the streets are going to clean ouyt the ones that would be used during a civil insurrection? Nutz, If someone wanted to arm a force of militants to fight an insurrection they would first knock over a police station and then knock over an armory.

But Pat, you're right. Under this new regulation they sure wouldn't be able to do that with a rebarrelled kit gun (lolol). Sorry, just Mikey here.........

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With all there power they can't stop or control crime and they can control what we enjoy the honest gun guy and thats the bottomline they just sleep better thinking they made a difference in our country and made it safer but actually they hurt it. Lets see who's going to protect our country if the SHTF??? It won't be the locals who stand behind their metal detectors now is it (chickensh!ts) while we the public goes unprotected? I know what a minnow feels like when i'm fishing now(bait). They should focus here in the US first we seen what happened in London before it happens here instead of picking on us the good gun guys. BigBill
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