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Sorry but I have been away. I left last Tuesday for one last deer hunting trip on Prince William Sound. I got caught in a snow squall on the way down the sound, belayed in my schedule and had to pull into Galena Bay for the night. As fate usually is, the weather changed and I spent 5 days sleeping/camping in the boat as I could not leave the bay because of the weather.

My savior was a military artic goose down sleeping bag. I spent five nights in that bag at 15-20 degrees each night. Note: I have an open boat in the rear, no cabin and only a canvas top. Yea it was a bit cool at times but the dog and I made it. I had to bite the bullet today and hire a 45 foot boat to come out and tow me back to port. Ouch! But the weather was not going to improve, the dog was not going to get less irratated and I was not going to get warmer.

So I am back, a lot of posts I could not access because of the time limits.
But, I learn every trip and am going to pursue the placement of layover cabins on the sound for stranded saliors like myself.
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