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Back yard trapping?

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Just curious, how many of you trap your own property? I have created quite a draw with my duck and trapping remains behind my house (non-exposed) but for some reason don't feel right about harvesting my back yard critters. I had sets out earlier this season in the back, but have pulled them and now am procrastinating the re-set. On one hand I know the fur is available, on the other hand I feel like it's too convenient. I learn alot from their routines, and have easily patterened their movements. It's not just trapping either. I had mallards dumping into a small water pool earlier this fall....never shot one, :shock: had a couple grouse that visited my tree stand each night...never shot either. :shock: Anyone else "soft" on their own land or am I just getting weak in my old age? Deer are usually the only exception for me.
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Hey Mallard;
I refuse to put out traps on my own land. Might catch my goats or sheep. :twisted:
Hey RdFx;
NOT MY MUTTON!!! Lure holders? There are enough dog hunters trying to pawn off chewed **** on me to handle that :roll:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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