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Ah Ben, I can always count on you! :-* I was going to start a thread because I realise I have been remiss in my duties by not keeping things going here. You saved me. ;)

I also enjoy my time in the woods, my new ladder stand is great, but I got real discouraged when I pulled my camera card Saturday.

After a week the only thing I had on the camera was a dog, a '**** and a flock of turkeys! :( No deer, nada, not one! This is so shocking to me because for years the trail this stand overlooks has been a major roadway. I mean there are so many deer going through there they hire a 'possum to direct traffic! :p And that was before I put up my fast food joint for them!

And what is even more strange is none of us have gotten pictures of any does. This bothers me since I am a meat hunter and prefer to shoot does and small bucks; and one fawn a year.

I was so upset I didn't go out Saturday evening. I just sat there and watched the Jawja - Florida game, HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS!!, with my friends Mr. M. Lite and Mr. M. Shine! ;D And I don't even like football! ???

Now, don't cha know, when I checked the camera next day it had a nice picture of a cow-horned spike standing there at 6:48 PM! ::)
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