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Ball,Solid Bullet,or Hollow Point

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I would just like to know if any has tryed all 3 of these and what the Major differance is on deer? I figure a Ball would be anyones guess where it hit. I just bought a Lee 250 grain R.E.A.L. solid bullet mold. I Have seen what the Hollow Point Sabot will do to a Deer, and was just wondering if the solid bullet will leave a good blood trail if vitals are not hit?
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:D I have used all three that u have mentioned. A rb out of a .50 will generally not completelu pass through a deer on a shoulder shot,but will expand to about the size of a quarter,and be found on the offside just under the skin. A solid will generally pass completely through given the same caliber,but some will also remain in the animal sometimes acting like a rb,but not expanding as much (gotta use pure lead,better expansion). The HP will give good results and some will expand,depending on how fast they are traveling. A good blood trail depends again where the animal is hit. A heart/lung shot will drop the animal fairly swiftly. If the pump is ruptured,all bleeding will take place in the chest cavity of the animal,with possibley a light blood trail,but you have a deer in a very short distance. All basically depends on projo placement. If its put in the correct place,you have a deer. If not,you will be trailing it for a looooooooong time. A rb gun the twist should be about 1-66 generally, A slug gun,1-28 to 32. Im not sure what the rifling is on the new inlines but I know that it varies a bit. Shoot what your gun shoots the best,and then,you will also. King 8)
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:D Diddy: It wont shoot the round ball with any degree of accurace. It might with the cast one that you are making. Give it a try and let me know 8)
:D DIDDY I wouold cut back the powder to about 80 grains and go up from there. I have a side by side double that is in .50 cal. I found that it will go from 80 to 150 grns. The accuracy is there with yours,you just have to find it. I would not sugest any of my loads,in part. the heavy charges over 120grns in yours. If I remember correctly the charge of 100 2 f,over a 300 soft lead is going to get you someplace around 1400 to 1500fps. Again im kinda guessing at this point on the speed. The point is ,is that if the load is accurate,it will put a deer down with a lot of authority with a well placed shot,and I think that is what you are looking for. As a point of interest I will put a felt wad over the powder,followed by the bullet. I hope this helps a little. Let me know what your results are from your gun. :toast:
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