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Ball,Solid Bullet,or Hollow Point

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I would just like to know if any has tryed all 3 of these and what the Major differance is on deer? I figure a Ball would be anyones guess where it hit. I just bought a Lee 250 grain R.E.A.L. solid bullet mold. I Have seen what the Hollow Point Sabot will do to a Deer, and was just wondering if the solid bullet will leave a good blood trail if vitals are not hit?
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Ball solid Bullet, or Hollow Point

Thanks King
The Traditions Sporter 209 Mag I have is 1-28. I have never shot the Ball or solids and was wondering about them. I got a mold for the 250 grain solids and just wanted to check before I casted them.
KING, Been using 250 gr. Sabots with 100 gr. Pyrodex RS. Should I cut back on the powder charge on a 250gr. pure lead bullet? Im not suppose to use gas checks on these, just lube them.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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