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Grump said:
I have had the best luck with Speer. Not only in weight but they are more spherical. Have ya ever tried weighing them Remington gold balls? They are very inconsistant and resemble little gold potato's more than round balls. Best thing is all the gun stores are jumping on the sabot and power belt bandwagon. I have found Round ball ammo discounted at many places. Good Luck :bye:
Grump- I'll have to look for Speer, I need all the help i can get :lol:
It seems the bigger the corporation, the more they rip you off, Remington is a good case in point, their re-introduced Rolling Blocks are super expensive and have all kinds of problems I know of several shooters who had to send thiers back several times and get all kinds of brain damage
when for less money you get a really beautiful totally squared away RB from Lone Star, I remember years ago when folks at one of my shooting clubs were buying Rem. tactical rifles for target shooting, I bought a Savage 110 police tactical for less than a 1/3 of the $ or a Remington and yet it would shoot circles around every one of those, I slugged the chambers of several of those Remingtons and the amount of freebore was outrageously too much and varied as well, and the company was extremely reluctant to help any of those guys out. Yuppie corpo MBA beancounters suck ! :twisted: everything is product, and only the bottom line matters.
Regards fredj
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