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That's what I've heard and experienced. About 25% can be way out there. Speer, Hornady about the same.

If you practice sloppy casting I believe commercial swaged is better. However if you have good casting technique, I believe you can get better quality and performance.

The biggest factor that I've found to produce consistantly cast roundballs is to overpour.

Even maintaining the little puddle of molten lead on the sprue plate isn't the same as overpouring. Pour the entire ladle in EACH cavity (assuming you have a small ladle). Let the excess spill out back into the pot.

When doing this I noticed two things. When I cut the sprue, it makes a clean looking slice, as opposed to the "break" appearance. And the vast majority of my .530 balls are within 1 grain and 1/2 grain for .311 balls.

Try it and see if you notice an improvement. I developed so much confidence in this that I'm getting lax in my weighing each batch.
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