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I just got a new BAR 30-06. I posted some questions about its accuracy on another forum, but I wanted to put some questions here on the gunsmithing forum.

OK, here's the issue. I have tired both 180 gr and 165 gr bullets. The 165 gr seems to perform a little better, but I get curious results from both.

It seems the 1st and 2nd shots are consistantly about 1/2" or less. Then it opens up to about 2" to 4", random locations. They seem like flyers. If I shoot another group 10 minutes later, the same thing happens. This would seem to be a hot barrel issue, but the barrel does not seem hot so I don't think its that, but don't know.

I checked with the gunsmith at the shop where I bought the gun, and he said that he had another one in there now doing exactly the same thing, but he didn't have a clue. He says that there are no screws that he knew of that could get loose. nothing visible either.

Anybody here heard of a similar problem, or got any suggestions??
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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