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In the back of my memory I seem to remember a tactical version of a BAR made up in 300WM with a heavy barrel and a stock that resembled a McMillan A2 design. Digging deeper it may have been called "Longbow" or some such. It was most definitely NOT made or endorsed by Browning, but rather some small specialty shop as a semi auto for sniping.

I didnt pay too much attention to it at the time since my working rifles were issued to me then; but it always interested me. I kind of figured that some day I would build one if I ever found a cheap enough used BAR. Now I found one and I cant find any info on the rifle. I can work around that and come up with my own specs for the barrel length etc, but I dont have any source for the stock.

I called McMillan and they denied any knowledge of such a beast. In fact they denied ever making two piece stocks. The only suggestion they could offer was to buy a A2 blank stock and cut away what I didnt need.... Im so sure it was a McMillan A2 that I cant think of any other manufacture to call.

Now that Ive got a little more spare time and a few extra pennies this seems like a fun project; but its no good without the right stock. Who makes aftermarket stocks for Brownings, wood would be fine, as long as its the correct configuration. The A2 has a almost verticle grip and is raised for a scope. The handguard should be wider and flat too.

Does anyone remember hearing or seeing something like this???

Any suggestions???
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