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Barrel Accessory Program Shipping

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I want to ship my Handi receiver to H&R for accessory barrels.

Here's the problem. I want them to ship the receiver and new barrels to my workplace.

I am concerned that I'll get a long, narrow box from H&R stamped "DANGER! FIREARMS INSIDE! ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED!" :lol:

Is that something I need to worry about, or does H&R use discrete packaging? I don't want the receptionist getting freaked out when the UPS guy arrives.

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Unless she knows That H&R makes firearms she will have no idea what is in the package....The plain brown cardbox boxes come with a security seal on each end and require a signature but say nothing about firearms, guns, or "dangerous" contents....<><.... :grin:
Here's something to think about. Will H&R ship to an address different than the one the order came from?
I.E. send order from home using home return address and have a ship-to address that doesn't match the return address on the order...

Hope this makes sense.

Might want to ship your order and frame from your business address just in case.

I've shipped mine using my PO box as the return address on the pachage and used my street address for the UPS return trip on the order form, worked fine, so shipping to a different address shouldn't be a problem as long as it's stated on the order form.

There 'ya go then. Thought it might get a bit iffy being as we're dealing with firearms.

The info above comes from a re-tired USPS employee...good 'nuff for me.

Nixter :wink:
Thanks, now yer really puttin me on the spot!!!! :wink: :-D :-D :-D Just when ya think everything is just fine, Murphy pokes his head up!!!!

Murphy is a punk. Preperation and foresight will beat him everytime. :)

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