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barrel lapping 209-50

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Can anyone give me soom info on barrel lapping. Is it hard to do?Does it help with the accuracy?I have heard people talk about it but I don't know how to go about it. :)

Thanks for you're help
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Lots of different ways to lap a barrel and it helps sometimes. You could buy some JB Bore Paste, apply the past to a few cleaning patches and run them evenly up and down your bore on the jag about 25 times each for a total of about 200 strokes. Then clean the paste from your bore. Lapping basically does the same thing your bullets will do after enough shooting so you could also shoot about 100 tightly patched round balls and call it lapped! JB Bore Paste is good because it is a VERY light abrasive and will remove very little metal. is one source but the have a $40 minimum order.
Hand Lapping

Flitz also works very well, with half the amount of strokes
because it is more abrasive than JB Bore Paste. Use it the
same way.

It helped my 25-06 barrel, which was very rough, but did
little for my 209x50 barrel. It also has a couple of what I
would call "hour glass" patterns in the diameter of the
bore. Even at that it will shoot Hornady 180gr XTP's in
T/C Break-o-Way sabots with 150gr equiv loads at MOA.
But that's the ONLY bullet/load combo in which it will do
that. Want to do some LOOONG range shooting with PR
bullets, but they won't go less than 2 1/2" groups at 100
yards in this barrel. Got a 27" Douglas barrel from
Virgin Valley on the way............... :wink:
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Barrel Lapping

Go to and go to there muzzle loading forum. At the top go to bluelks info section Muzzle loading 101. I did just as he said to my 209x45 and it shoots moa groups all the time..
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