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Hi dave
I think ya might be correct on that article being the correct story
But it sure does put it into perspective about carrying enough gun
and be aware of your surroundings.Did ya notice the fired brass casing
on the victims left side.People wonder were the bloods at, it rains so much
in some of these areas there isnt any around and a big bear will drag its
victim a good distance sometimes.I once had a big Boar Brownie run
off with a 60 inch Moose head ,Rack ,Cape and picked it up and never looked back running at full speed.This last season people in the caribou hills area on the kenai penns saw a Brownie pick a 40 inch Bull Moose up by the Neck and run off with it a whole Moose.
For those that dont think its real ,well when ya actually see one in the wild and decide to shoot or dont want to shoot, i wouldnt blame ya there been many a client decline to shoot.

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A animal built to survive in the harshed of conditions, not knowing when it will get its next meal, competing with others, accute senses, no fat from potato chips or pizza and only afraid of a competing boar.

The blood would have washed away and we don't know the original condition of the body. Was it rolled over and the examiner placed the casing there for safe keeping.

Yea, use enough gun. When I first moved here one person wrote this in reguards to enough gun. "Yea a .270 will easily kill a deer. Now imagine that you have your arms into that beast cleaning it and your gun in five feet away and a brownie shows up." Would you rather have the .270 or maybe a .338 or a .375."

Most attacks happen so fast a shot can't even be fired. And if so, not many people could make a well placed shot. I can't imagine the African guides that killed wounded lions with doubles as they charged.

Isn't it great being second or third on the food chain up here? :grin:
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