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i found a spot with beavers ..trees thta have been chewed in the past couple days....but i walked the whole stream and there is no they just stay in the bank and if so are there den holes easily noticible
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Beaver do not always build DAMS.They build them if there is not sufficient water for them to reach food,or to allow easy access to there dens or lodges.The deeper water also forms a protective barrier from their enemies.
Bank dens are not always easy to find.Sometimes the entrance may be in very deep water,or under downfallen trees.
If the cuttings are fresh throw in some castor mound sets and sharpen your skinning knife. Tom
Dont set the dens,this will just spook the beaver.Go to where you see beaver activity.Put in a few castor mounds with a 330 in front,block off the sides,so that the opening of your 330 is the easiest way for the beaver to get to the castor mound.Tom
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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