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Benchrest forearms

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any of you fellers tried one? i'm getting some made by my neice's husband. he's makin them out of walnut. i'm gonna finish them with tru-oil, when he gets them done. gettin one for my encore and contender. he had one almost finished last time i was there. may be nice for shootin groups and such. if you got a good friend that does some woodworking, it doesn't look too hard to do, with the right tools. check out this site, this feller made some. 8)
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I couldn't get your link to work. I have made a few out of walnut and also a black plastic called delrin. It is super stable at varying temperatures, easy to machine, and looks good. Bull barrel forarms are pretty easy if you have a small mill to cut the action end with. Tapered barrels are a pain in the butt. Especially the Encores, they have a double taper that is a real pain to match. If its a straight barrel I have got it down to about 3 hours to make one. I would post a pic but I don't have a digital camera or a scaner. I make mine with a wide bottom that narrows as it goes up, and also angled toward the front so that you can adjust your elavation by moving the gun forward or back. Pretty basic really, but it works and looks really good. KN

Where are you getting the Delrin? How do you remove the scratches after sanding? What sizes does it come in?

Have you tried to find or make any laminated hardwood?

I do not have a mill but use my drill press and a cross slide vise. Crank it up to 2000 RPM and I use a 1/4 inch carbide router bit.

Contact me at [email protected]

try the link again. i edited it, and now it works here. :roll:
I got the delrin at a place I used to work, I don't know where to find it off hand. I have lamminated walnut together with no problems, I would think other woods would work fine if your going for the multi-material look. As far as finnishing the delrin, I use a router to radius all the edges that I want, then I use a belt sander to finnish the contours, then use a couple of different grits of sand paper by hand, then I use steel wool to finnish. Leaves a pretty good finnish that pretty much matches the pachmyer grips. Hope this helps. KN
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