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Beretta U22

Woodchuk: I did see the U22 at a local shop in my town. It appears to be well made and as you say all of the goodies for it aren't out yet. The gun itself is still kind of scarce but they are around here and there. The cost of the one I saw as $299.00 but there are a few places on the net that will sell them cheaper. Problem on the net is the FFL transfer fee that will eat up quite a bit of the savings along with the shipping. Regarding accuracy, the NRA magazine American Rifleman did an article on the gun. I think it might have been the July edition of this year. They gave it real good marks and the accuracy was pretty darn good for an under $300.00 gun. Seems like the groups were under 2 inches at 25 yards!!! I am probably going to pop for one of them as my local shop has a couple of them in stock. The article further mentioned that with a optical sight you could do a commendable job in bullseye shooting if you are into that kind of shooting. :eek:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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