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I have the SP101, and love it. Even with it's 2 1/4" barrel it's very accurate and fits my hand well. I used to have a 642, but couldn't shoot it well at all; it didn't fit my hand right. My SP101 has a full hammer, but because I normally carry IWB behind the back, it's never been an issue. In a pocket that may be a problem, but here in Phoenix we dress pretty light. The spring is a little stiff, but $14 for a Wolff kit solved that. I still use the factory grips, but have seen others that look good.

My only problem with the Ruger was using CCI magnum primers; they're hard enough that after I put the lighter spring in, they didn't always detonate. Factory ammo and regular primers work fine.

Whatever you do, find one that fits well. If you can't shoot it accurately or have to fumble around to get the grip "just right," keep looking.

Good luck! 8)
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