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Hay SS: Is that one in 7.65 or 9mm Kurtz? Regardless, it sounds like something you would particularly enjoy. I have seen a couple at guns shows over the years but nothing recently. Something else I haven't seen recently is a Sig 380 - I wonder if they are still made? Yours is a well made gun and if you intend to shoot it she should last for a long time.

BTW, we once talked about your having worked with a Beretta 70S in 380 as a backup gun. Would you mind discussing medium/small bore pistol defensive tactics on one of the handgun forums. There are lots of folks who prefer the small frame autoloaders or medium bore revolvers for defense but there is little information on tactics for using them. You trained with yours and from one of your posts I gathered that you trained extensively with the 380 as a backup to your duty arm. That kind of experience goes a lot way toward properly advising people how they should think about utilizing the small/medium bore autos for personal defense.

Any advice for the new folks to the field on strategies with small to medium bore handguns????? Mikey.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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