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Not the most fun day at the range, but a day at the range none the less

Took the new 243 and 25-05 barrels along with my new savage 7mm mag and the deer gun savage 30-06

Had to do the break-in procedure on the 243, 2506, and 7mm. I got to shoot/clean/shoot/clean/shoot each of them. Then I had to run some work up loads for the '06 over the chrony. At least it was a very windy day so I did not waste a target shooting opportunity.

My 24" 243 did not produce much more than my previous 22" barrel, same loading
25-06 is putting a 90gr out at ~3500 fps - I like that for a factory offering
the savage 7mm shot well off the bench - little more kick than the '06, 150s at about 3100 fps.

I think I did 7 barrel cleanings that day, and another 4 last night. I hope to take it easy on the new barrels for a couple more cleaning cycles at least. I did this routine on my winchester 270wsm and it does not collect copper much, so I am going to do it again for these speedy rounds. I passed on the exercise on my last couple of pistol chamberings of HR barrels.
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