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Target department stores are a large and growing chain of discount retail stores competing with the like of Wal-Mart, K-Mart, ext. Target stores will not even allow the US Marines to place the "Toys for Tots" bins at thier stores. Target does not want uniformed military near thier stores.

Below is a copy of a letter I recieved today from the VVA.

Vietnam Veterans Association
By Dick Forrey

We asked our local Target store to be a sponsor of the Vietnam
Veterans'Memorial Wall during our spring recognition event. We received
back a reply from Target management that "veterans do not meet our area
of giving". We only donate to the areas of the arts, social actions,
gay and lesbian causes, and education."

My thought: If the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and veterans in
general, do not meet their donation criteria, something is wrong at Target.

We were not asking for thousands of dollars, not even hundreds, but
simply sponsorship of an endorsement for a "memorial remembrance."

As follow-up, I E-mailed the corporate headquarters and their response
was the same. Personally, I will NOT be purchasing anything at Target
Stores again. If the Vietnam Veteran or Veterans in general do not meet
their area of giving, then why should I, as a Vietnam veteran, spend my
hard earned money in their stores?

Please pass this on to as many people as you know.

Veterans Helping Veterans
PS: Target will also not allow the Marines to
collect for Toys For Tots during the holidays.

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Beware -- Target Department Stores are Anti

Don't know about the truth to that but I got another reason to stay out of Target stores. One of the most liberal senators, Mark Dayton from Minnesota, bought his Senate seat with Dayton-Hudson, now Target, money.

As far as the VVA goes, I never joined but saw that they endorsed Paul Wellstone, as did the VFW. Makes me wonder who's running these organizations. Both periodically mail me a recruitment letter, but even if I were a joiner, those endorsements would keep me out.
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