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Have one in 454 and 475 Linebaugh. They both are very accurate. They both have faster twists (1-15) than most all revolvers so it is easy to shoot big heavy for caliber cast at slower velocities. Cylinders are longer than most revolvers so a heavy bullet can be seated farther out and thus more space in the case for slow powders which are better for cast bullets. Both revolvers are very well made. Very good tolerances. Nothing loose or sloppy. Not the high polished finish of a freedom but also half the price. I happily will shoot my 475 many years to come when up north there.

Have only read about the 30-30's. So far all I have read is they work very well. A BFR is built like a Main Battle Tank so you do not have to baby it.
Personally I do not like those long cylinders... so I will probably never have a 30-30 , 375 or anything that needs that long cylinder. That is why I have the two I do. It just looks like a balanced revolver. But there is only one way to chamber rifle cartridges and the BFR's do it well.
Mike in Peru
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