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Howdy all!
Myself and 2 others are striking out of whittier on may15 for mr. black for the first time, in PWS on a 20' rental.
Since I will not be buying a bear tag this time, I have been designated the;
driver, navigator, camp bitch, and hunter backup.
I don't have a rifled shotgun so I checked around for smooth bore slugs and found a distributor to sell me a neat new item.
Brenneke "Black Magic"
They are a rifled slug designed specifically for smooth bore shotguns in the large and dangerous game line. I ordered 20 boxes of the 3" mag.
I'm also taking fishing gear, but unsure as to the availability of halibut this time of year.
All the forest service cabins are spoken for around PWS for a Looong time. So we are camping somewhere on the beach.
Perhaps somewhere south of Main Bay.
Anyway I'll report back after the trip. So long and good hunting!

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Main Bay

There is an old cannery on the south shore on a small bay. The bay is deep enough and has a stream in the back left hand corner. It is fairly protected except maybe a direct north wind. There should be adequate space for a tent and it was a cannery and now broken down. (Maybe a moring bouy)

There is also a small less protected bay directly across from the passage with good fine gravel to bring the boat to shore. I haven't investigated camping spots along it but it was a good place to swim this summer. It might be a little cold yet for swimming.

I bought some 3" Breneeke's this month for bears. The 3" is what you want!!!
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