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Black powder loads for 45 long colt

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I need a little help(actually ALOT of help), I am loading black powder for my 45 long colt and am wondering about wether or not to compress the powder,witch granulation to use ( I have a lot of ffg goex) .Also what bullet weight is recommended ,how many grease grooves and which lube. And wether or not to use over primer news print wads as I do in BPCR .Do I still use a softer bullet with a fiber wad over the powder?? Basically, as you can tell ,how should I begin? I have a pair of colt clones and a Win 92 replica that I will be using . I shoot alot ,so any suggestions on mass production will be appreciated. I have reloaded for smokeless my whole life, and very little for my single shot 45-70 BPCR, but I've been bitten by the black powder bug. Thanks !!

Dennis Holmbeck
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Howdy pard,

Slide on down to the CAS BP reloading forum and you'll find the answers to most, if not all, of your questions. :grin:
:D Dang! I wish I'd said that!! :-D Ease on over 107, We'll fill you head with so much Hocum and Voodoo Ya might not even have time ta shoot, but we'll sure have a good time doing it!! :-D
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