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If you are looking for Cannons or cannon shooting supplies we recommend that you start with the folks that make this board possible, our Sponsors. If you wish to contact one of our sponsors just click on their user name you will be taken to their profile where you can send them a PM or Email. Be sure and tell them thanks for sponsoring our board.

GBO BPM&C Sponsors
Seacoast Artillery Company GBO User Name: seacoastartillery
Seacoast Artillery Company is dedicated to producing the very highest quality scale re-creations of those monstrous, mammoth, magnificent Civil War Cannons. (i.e. Seacoast Guns) Our cannons and all their parts are made entirely in the United States of America. Available now is our re-creation of the 100 Pdr. Parrott Rifle,(6.4”) Model 1861

Email: Dominick Carpenter at [email protected] <[email protected]> Quality built with attention paid to detail. We specialize in building desktop artillery.

Brooks USA GBO User Name: Irishman
We have been building brass striking tools since the mid 70's. During that time we have added brass cannons and mortars which you will find on our website. Square nuts. All of our products are of excellent quality, made in the USA; and we proudly stand behind everything we make..

HMR Cannons GBO User Name: Armorer 77
Specializing in Golf Ball bored mortars & cannons , for now...

The"Wood n' Iron Works GBO User Name: Zulu
Museum quality reproduction black powder collectible artillery pieces from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War

Carriage Parts Ltd GBO User Name: CRESKEN
Quality cannon irons that are 1030 medium carbon steel Investment Cast.

Springfield Arsenal LLC GBO User Name:Cannonmn
Ordnance, Artillery, Ammo, Militaria

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Where to find Blackpowder Cannons and shooting supplies

Blackpowder Cannons and shooting supplies link list
The following links are not sponsors
A link list of suppliers of Cannons, cannon shooting supplies and materials for building your own gun, big and small taken from postings here on this board and found on the internet. These are not sponsors.

Links are active. Just click on any name and you will be taken to their website. Click on email address to send an email. This is not an endorsement just a list of resources.

If you find one of these links dead, please drop me a PM.

If you contact one of these companies, be sure and tell them you found them on GrayBeard's Blackpowder Mortar and Cannon Board.

Shooting cannons is not like shooting a big over sized muzzleloader. There is a completely different set of internal ballistics involved. Read up on cannon shooting before you acquire a cannon. Suggested reading is THE MORE COMPLETE CANNONEER By M.C. Switlik with selected excerpts from other artillery manuals
The book is currently out of print. It has been scheduled for reprint. Check periodically with Switlik website for publication.

The Complete Cannoneer from Matt Switlik

The Artilleryman
Historical Publications, Inc.
6175 Hickory Flat Hwy, Suite 110-355
Canton, GA 30115
Phone: 706-940-2673
e-Mail: [email protected]
Published quarterly $25 per year

Contact these sites for information about their products before ordering. Dealers may not update their sites frequently. Dealers may list products that they no longer have and may have products not listed. It’s best to send them an email or make a phone call to inquire about what they have before ordering. On large websites use the website’s search function to find what you are looking for or use your browser find function to search.

Do your research, before you order. Query the Companies on . Use the Search function on GBO. Find out what is being said about the companies before ordering.. Make sure you know who you are dealing with and where they are before ordering.. Get contact information, including email address, business addresses, and telephone numbers, before ordering.

Before you send money, communicate with the company. Ask about delivery dates, back order and stock availability. Lock down delivery dates. If possible, pay with a credit card or postal money order. Don’t send cash, grocery store money orders or cashiers checks. Keep records of every contact and transaction.

Keep in mind that a lot of these products are unique items. You won't find them at Wal-Mart. The items are often hand made by craftsmen who work out of their garage. These people often have a real job and work on these products in their spare time. It is time consuming and costly to set up and make these articles. Be patient.

I can not vouch for the reliability of any of these sites. You must deal with them with caution. I am only providing this list a resource.

All links in blue are hot, click on them.

Cannons and carriages

South Bend Replica
Steen Cannons
Museum & Collector Specialties Company
Paulsen Bros.
Dixie Gunworks
Hern Iron Works
Kansas Cannon Works Temporarily in active.
Beaufort Naval Armorers
Canadian Cannon Company Inc.
The Cannon store
Historical Ordnance Works
• Gunsmoke Cannons [email protected]
Brooks USA
Landfall Navigation
Clover Machine
Kenneshaw Cannon Company
Antique Weapons Replicas - Prof. Osvaldo Gatto
Paul Ambrose Antiques
Website closedSeacoast Artillery Company
Neff Cannon's
Trail Rock Ordnance
Mainmast Conservation
Springfield Arsenal
Big Bang Cannons
The"Wood n' Iron" Gallery of Artist Michael Elledge
Joe Salter
Loyalist Arms and Repairs
Miniature Cannon Technologies

Surplus Rifled Cannon Barrels

Big Sky Surplus


R & P Trading
Wooden Wagon Wheels How to make wheels
Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop
Decorative Wheels UK
Wild West Living
Moscow Carriage
Amish Wares
Custom Wagon Wheels.

Cannon plans

Antique Ordnance Publishers
Jerry Howell 1779 24 PDR
Dixie Gunworks
Building 18th Century Naval Artillery
Wild Horse Books & Art
British Cannon Design 1600-1800

Cannon Sights

Chapman and Sons [email protected]



Cannon Fuse
Back Creek Gun Shop Winchester VA

Friction fuses

Back Creek Gun Shop Winchester VA

Phil “Boom Boom” Sieglein
5026 Mile Stretch Drive
Holiday, Fl. 34690
Phone between 9 am & 3 pm (727) – 934-4330

Yankem & Hyde Friction Primers
Jason Clagg, Owner
Rt. 2 Box 322
Ona, WV 25545
Phone: Cell; (304) 208-5508 Hm.; (304) – 762-2569

Slowmatch and chemicals

The Slow Match Web Site
Dixie Gunworks--Product # MI0201 Matchlock Fuse
Samsel--cotton rope
Knot and Rope-Cotton rope
Lead acetate
Cheap Chemicals
United Nuclear
Round cotton lamp wick

Quills (paper straws)

Back Creek Gun Shop Winchester VA
Instawares Artstraws
United Art


Schuetzen Powder LLC
Powder Inc --offers shipments in five pound lots
GOEXClick on distributors to find a supplier in your area
Maine Powder House
Back Creek Gun Shop Winchester VA
Buffalo Arms

Powder vials and Container

Powder vials with cork
Powder vials
powder tubes

Ball moulds
JT Bullet moulds

Smoothbore Machine, G.E. Everitt
3900 Greentree Road
Stow, Ohio 44224
Ph. (330) 688-1556

Jim Mathisrud
3035 Salem Av SO
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Cannon balls for shooting

Paulsen Bros. --Click on Ammo
Jerry Wolberg [email protected] 1 pdrs 1.75 dia. $80.00 for 40 rounds plus shipping and handling. 701-226-6124
Texas Metal
King Metals
SuperMagnet Man
Rotometals zinc popcan round balls


Dixie Gunworks

Large Casting Ladle

Barlows Tackle
Rowell Ladles at Advance Car Movers

Zinc suppliers (ZAMAK)

Eastern Alloys, INC.
Tekcast Industries
Allied metal Company
Budget Casting supplies
Semco Enterprises

Metal for building

Metal Express
Alro Metals
Metals Depot
Southern Tool Steel
Online Metals
Metal Shorts
Phone: 253-922-0200
Speedy metals

Hardware-Carriage Hardware, Bolts, Square nuts, Eyebolts

Bolt Depot
In stock fastners
Bosun Supplies
Hardware Source
Blacksmith Depot
Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply


Le Springs


Cincinnati Dowel and wood products
White Oak from Goby

Marine Hemp Rope

Turkey Foot

Brass-Bronze Blackening Chemicals

Caswell Plating
Brass, Bronze and Copper Patina's
Sculpt Noveau Patina's


Round nose router bit list
Razor saw

Stamps fpr marking

The Schwerdtle Stamp Company



The Complete Cannoneer from Matt Switlik
Guy Lautard --Machine operations books
Building 18th Century Naval Artillery
Arms and Arms collecting Booklist
Wheelwrighting a modern introduction

Clubs, Organizations and Associations

North-South Skirmish Association

Cannon Association of South Africa

MISC. links

Civil War Artillery page
Civil War Artillery Projectiles
The Forces of Montcalm & Wolfe
Worcester Norton Shooting Club
National Cannon Association of Great Britain
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