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Boat-tail vs flat-base

Robert: There was an article in either the Shooting Times or the American rifleman recently comparing the accuracy and drop of those two bullets you mentioned and the round nosed bullet as well, in the 06 caliber. I think it was Rick Jamison who wrote the article but I'm not sure.

The findings were that the round nosed bullet was the more accurate and that even at the longer ranges its drop was not so significant that the other two bullets were more preferred. If you are shooting at 100yds or less, or for my money 200 yds or less, the round nose will do everything you want and need your bullet to do, with all the accuracy you would want.

Also, a lot of folks have found that you need not go to the more expensive or trendy bullets. Most have found the Hornaday to be just as good as anyting else. For my particular purposes I would prefer a bullet that expands but holds together and I have reloaded for family and friends with this thought in mind, both for the averall effect of the bullet and because I don't like picking lead shavings out of my teeth whenever I bite into a viece of venison steak or sausage.

My brother shoots a 308 Encore and was disappointed with the results of the Winchester 150 grain loads he used on his last hunt - quite a bit of bullet fragmentation. I recommended reloads with the Hornaday 180 for bullet retention and penetration but he felt that the accuracy load for that bullet would create a trajectory he wouldn't care for and asked me to use the 150 grain instead. I still used the round nose bullet and he used it to great effect on half a dozen whitetail this year, without excessive fragmentation or bullet shaving.

Hope this helps. Mikey.
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