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Bobby gets first buck of season

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This morning #1 son Bobby and I were hunting on some private land on a cold and windy morning. About 6:25 AM or so I heard what I thought was a deer to my left front but saw nothing. Later at 7:31 AM I heard a shot from Bobby's rifle.

He was sitting in my Tree House Stand near the big oak. I was in the Original Stand also known these days as Faye's Stand. We were about 200 yards apart. Here is the result of that shot.

Seems the buck travelled somewhere out in front of me where it is so thick I can't see more than 35-40 yards in most places. Went thru the patch of woods between a couple of logging roads and crossed the one going to the stand Bobby was in. He saw it going across the road and shot it in the thick brush heading down into the hollow toward my Low Stand.

This was Bobby's first kill of the season after missing a couple with his bow and arrow. Robin Hood he ain't. :)

Congrats Bobby.

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Bobby's deer.

That there looks like a good eatin' deer! Markc and I went on our little south Texas excursion and had a great time. Finally got that NEF .280 Remington up and running and tooka fat doe and sow hog. Used the old Remington 150gr. Core-lokts SP's. The doe ran about 100 yds through some of the most horrible brush and thorns I've ever seen. Mark and I got scratched up pretty bad. But, ironically, the hog kill went totally opposite. The fat sow went right down with one shot behind the shoulder. Now, before everyone runs out the buy a .280 as a one shot hog gun, please note that the 150gr Core-lokt clipped the spine as it passed through the heart/lung area. The bullet still passed through and leaving a perfect "golf ball" size exit hole. Oh, and I almost forgot the two rabbits I harvested with my .357 M19 using standard .38 Special 158gr. SWC's. Meanwhile, while I was getting some good rabbit meat, Markc drilled a hog at exactly the same time as I shot at my first rabbit. We were about 1/2 mile apart at this time. Funny how those things happen, huh? Anyway, thats a wrap-up of my season so far.
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Good 4 Bobby

Hey GB, looks like dinner time! What did he shoot the deer with? Are you hunting with the .243 or handgun? Hey Mohawk, I got a fat spike with the .444P last week, passed on a bunch of yearling deer after that. Seeing anything in Marble Falls?
markc :D
Mark, Bobby is using my old Remington Model 700 SS Mtn. Rifle in .270 Win. It was a real low production special run gun. Metal is SS and stock is plastic but it is of ADL not BDL configuration like other Mtn. Rifles. He borrowed it every season and didn't bring it home until season was over so I finally just gave it to him for a Christmas present a couple years back. Every white tail deer he has ever killed has been with that rifle so far.

I used my R700 LSS Mtn. Rifle in 7-08 on the two does I took. I also had the RB .454 Casull and Taurus Tracker Ti 627 with them that day. Since then I've mostly been taking the TC .257 JDJ and RB .480 with the Tracker Ti just in case one comes in real close. Haven't had any other chances.

I'll be alternating among those and the LW .243 during the rest of season and might also take the TC 7 JDJ #2 some.

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