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Bogmaster....beaver ?

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I read in one of your posts that you wait 3 days to skin beaver. What is the temp range that you will wait that long. And do you hang the beaver or just lay it down?
I have always hung beaver by front teeth by a fan till dry and then did the skinning....but then like you said I have to deal with the blood around the head and the tail and hine legs.
Tim B
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OK, Now I'm confused again. I thought Tim B was our sponsor as I posted earlier. Now I think it's Bogmaster (sorry agian). Does Roger Ruginus still post on this forum??? He is Michigan's largest beaver fur buyer. and I've video tapped him skinning and fleshing a 35 lb beaver in 12 minutes!!! I'll give Roger a call and ask if he can respond to this question as Bogmasters response is more than than I can help as he obviously knows more than me on this particular topic.
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