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Bore Snakes

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I've been looking at these things for a bit now, and I'm thinking of getting a set for my revolver & auto, as well as my rifles.

Anything I should know before I buy?

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:D I wasnt real sure about them at first myself.But I bought a couple for my contenders & like them a lot . I wont get rid of my other cleaning gear but they are great.Very quick & handy at the range :wink:
Do they work as advertised? From what I've read on the box, one pass and you are done with cleaning. Sounds more like snake oil to me.

Or are they really more for a quick means of getting the worst out, and then give the guns a real cleaning when you get back home?

I use them in 22lr, 223 rem, 25-06, 45 acp and 44 mag these are the handguns.

I use them in 30-06, 300 weatherby, 243, 22lr and these are the rifles.

I do not use them in any black powder weapons.

Been using them for about 12 months, and am very pleased. I still scrub with a brass brush for heavy leading (after a hundred rounds of pb 45 acp for example) but I follow up with snake. Very nice job. I highly recommend them.

I suggest getting one complete kit in a box and then ordering the individual "snakes" for other calibers. This way you have a handy case for hunting trips that you can fill with up to four snakes. This will elimanate much gear. I buy them at Hoppes makes them now or bought them I do not know which.

Cleaning guns is almost as much fun a reloading which is almost as much fun a shooting which is almost as much fun as hunting.

Fred a/k/a HappyHunter :D
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The only one I tried was on a .17 caliber. It would get about halfway through and then there was no way you could pull it any further through the barrel. Put it back in the box and returned it to the store.

This bad experience must have been because of the small caliber since others have good luck with the larger calibers.
Just remembered, Also use snake in 12 ga shotgun. This is a god send in this barrel.

When they get loaded up with crud you tiie them up in an old pillowcase and wash them with a load of shop rags.

Have never tried a 17 cal, but I can believe bullseye they do pull thru tight, and they may not be any good in that small a caliber. Overall you can tell that I am sold.

Try one.

I use a 22 cal, a 44 cal and a 30 cal.

I take the 22 and the 44 with me to the silhouette matches and use them in my 22 hornet and 44 mag. They work as advertised for me.

I shoot cast bullets in my 44 mag and I try to run the snake through after about every 20 shots. My barrel stays clean and my accuracy is maintained throughout the match. It is fast and easy and works like it should.

I use 'em, and I love the darn things! I especially love them with my Vaqueros when I shoot black powder. The best part is the long "floss" area behind the brush part. This is equal to a whole passel of patches. Generally, I'll soak the bore with solvent, run a rod down the bore with a brush, then I use the snake to wipe the mess clean. I have found it easier to break the lead and copper build up loose if I brush several times with a separete brush. However, when cleaning up black powder, spraying a cleaner down the bore and running the snake down the bore a couple of times is usually enough. Don't throw away your other cleaning stuff, but getting several snakes is a great idea! :D
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