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I originally posted this over in the single shot rifle forum, but thought that it this forum might be better suited for this topic.

I'm about to acquire an old Remington Rolling Block from a friend, who's Dad purchased it in the '50s.

As best I can tell, it was a spanish rolling block originally chambered in .43 spanish. At some point, the Spanish army rebarrelled it to 7mm mauser.

My buddy's Dad, before he passed away, mentioned that the barrel is shot out. I haven't confirmed this, but have no reason to doubt it.

As a tribute to ol' Dad, I would like to return this old rifle to shooting condition. I also want to shoot some CAS side matches. To this end, I want send this old rolling block out to have the barrel reamed and rifled to .45-70. Does anyone know a high quality shop that can do this? Preferably in the Utah/Arizona/Nevada/Colorado/Idaho/Wyoming area?

Is this even practical? I only want this rifle for black powder equivalent loads, and it appears that the .45-70 was similar to the .43 spanish. Obviously, .45-70, though not original to this rifle, is a more practical round.

Would it be easier just to rebarrel it?


John C
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