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Sixgun posted a question about .44 Mag loads for Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette and it got me wondering how many folks are shooting matches other than High Power, HP Hunting, Smallbore and SB Hunting.

- Jim
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Jim- Thanks for getting involved with this thing. I hope it works out. I looked into it also but never got an answer back from another group. In some places there are a large number of air rifle shooters. The numbers of black powder rifle shooters is larger than the hp shooters. The bp game has the same targets but most everything else is different. Then the cowboys always have a good time. So my rifle silhouette divisions would look like this. Rimfire standard and hunter; Highpower standard and hunter; Air rifle; Black powder; Cowboy . I stick to the rimfire and high power. Also glad to see Shooting Paul wandered over this way. His site has some good basics for the game.
The BP game sounds like fun. My local club ran some informal cast bullet matches this year based on the BPCR rules but I never made it out to any. No suitable rifle, and I usually go somewhere else on Sunday mornings.

There was some talk of running air rifle matches in our indoor range this winter, but apparently there wasn’t enough interest to make it happen. That might be a good thing, because I probably would have taken one look and gone out shopping for an air rifle.

Yes, Shooting Paul’s Silhouette Page is a great resource:

- Jim
We are starting to shoot smallbore cowboy rifle silhouette at Haltom City, with the pistol silhouette match (shot a 52 this morning). Arlington Sportsmans Club is also shooting this game on the 3rd Sunday. I really do enjoy shooting the open sight rifle for a change. I have a .44 Marlin, but I've only tried the centerfire match once.... TOOOOOO many games to play.
What do I shoot,
Air rifle, smallbore, highpower (rifle) silhouette
Air pistol, smallbore pistol silhouette
Sportsman's Team Challenge (looks like it is dead now)
Various shotgun games
A few cowboy action matches each year
thanks Yankee for the nice comments.
I try to get as much info for the novice and advanced shooter as i can.
unfortunatelly i had to close my other site at (they just keept rising the cost every 3 monts), this one I started in Sept 2002, so it is going to take some time to build up. I want keep it strictly to mettalic silhouette rifle - .22 and HP and also I am thinking about adding air rifle section in the future.
Hope you get a lot of info etc,
because I do it for you - the silhouette rifle shooter
have a good one
Cowboy is a real good way to make your numbers grow.

We have a small club of between 180 and 200 - mainly hunters. We were only getting the same old group out for our weekly smallbore rifle silhouette matches and the numbers were gradually getting smaller and smaller. We tried running smallbore cowboy at the same time, using our smallbore handgun targets - numbers doubled immediately and are still growing - brought some of the fun back into it. It worked so well, we tried cowboy centre fire rifle shooting with the HP pistol silhouette shooters on a couple matches - this also seemed to work well so we'll try again next summer. The key with a small group seems to be not to expect everybody to shoot everything, just make it easy for them to get together and pool your common resources. Itle as sometimes the commands are a little different between the different disciplines does mean that everybody has to give a little, but for informal club matches it works OK.

There are lots of hunters out there who want to do more shooting but see us (silhouette shooters) as a pretty starchy bunch with a bunch of specialized equipment. There's a lot to be said for the simplicity of an open sighted lever gun and there are lots of them standing in the closets. Lets get them shooting ....jBrent
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Hey Gang, We are starting the cowboy sills. at our range this year. We are starting with smallbore. Trying to get the younguns out there with pop,uncle OR even MOM. If I understand the rules correctly, all guns to be tube feed, no bolt actions. If we understand right AUTOS are O.K. ???? I was thinking that this would be mannly levers, pumps and old rolling blocks (OOOPPS) rolling blocks most are not tube feed. What about it????????? I was thinking Cowboy action to be guns of the late 1800's-early early 1900's.
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