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Blackpowder Mortar and Cannon Photo albums.
Here are links to our Blackpowder Mortar and Cannon Photo albums. The Albums themselves are left floating on the board. You can alway access them from this post by clicking on the album listed below.

Volume I[/color]

Volume II[/color]

Volume III[/color]

Because pictures take time to load I will break the pictures up into separate volimes. I'll make more volumes as we go along.

Send me your favorite Cannon pictures and I'’ll post them up for you.

Here are the guidelines

1. Can be a battery of your guns.
2. Can be a single gun. But only one picture per single gun will be posted.
3. You can be in the picture with the gun, but not required.
4. You should provide a description of your gun.
5. Picture can be digital. No restriction on size but should be in .bmp or .jpg format.
6. Chemical pictures. Photo's can be no larger than 8x10. Contact me for snail mail and I will scan them in for you.

I will do some limited photo editing. I will be reducing them in resolution and size to fit our board. You can send more than one picture, but only one will be posted per gun.

The photo albums will be locked, only the moderators will be able post to them.

How to post Pictures


Adding an image to your message is fairly easy. I am going to tell you one way, the way I know how to do it. There may be others, but this is the way I understand it.

First you need your pictures in a digital Format. You can scan conventional photos or use a digital camera.

One thing we ask here on the Blackpowder Mortar and Cannon Forum is that you limit the width of your photos to 540 pixels wide at 72 pixels per inch/ 533 pixels wide at 28 pixels per centimeter. Plain talk 7.5 inches/19 centimeters wide . You may have to set the size with your camera or scanner software or you may be able to do it with your photo software.

Why 7.5 inches/19 centimeters? Pictures larger than 7.5 inches/19 centimeters cause the forum page to expand and it becomes necessary to scroll right and left to see the picture and read any posting with the picture; annoying and distracting!!! I don'’t know about you, but when I run onto postings like that I tend to ignore them.

Why 72 pixels per inch/ 28 pixels per centimeter? Pictures at higher resolution take longer to load. Not a real big deal for cable modems or DSL, but real ugly on dial up.

Next you need to lodge the pictures some where on the Internet. It can be on your web page or on one of the numerous photo-hosting sites, or even here on Graybeards Outdoors new photo pages.. (Find photo-hosting sites by querying them on [url][/color][/url] ) Some of these hosting sites are free and some charge a fee.

Graybeards Outdoors Photohosting site is aimed at those who are not computer minded is[/color] Simple to upload pictures to, easy to copy links for posting pictures. Aand it's free

Once you have your photo lodged somewhere you will need the link or URL to where the photo is lodged. My photo-hosting site has a function to make a link. I just click on the MAKE A LINK button and it asks me some pertinent question about the link I want to make. Another way to find a link to a picture lodged on the Internet is to right click on the picture and open up the properties menu. Once you locate the link or URL copy it.

Now you are ready to post pictures. The software here on Graybeard makes this a very simple operation.

When you open the page to post a reply or start a new topic all the controls you need are right there to post your picture. At the top of the Message body window you will see a series of icons that help post your picture. The button you want is the

Type or paste your photo URL in the reply window and then highlight it. Then click on the
button only once and it will do it all for you. To highlight the URL, just put your cursor at one end of it, press and hold the left mouse button, sweep the cursor to the other end of the URL. Now release the mouse button and the selected area is high lighted. You can do this when adding both photos and URLs as links.

You can use cut and paste, and drag and drop features to move your pictures to put them where you want them in you messages. Just make sure you move the whole link. Don’t be afraid to play with the features until you figure them out. IF you make a mistake just go back and EDIT your message.

If you have a problem, you can also call on your moderators to go in and look at your messages to figure out what went wrong.

I suggest you print these instructions out before you start.

Now, let’s see those cannons!!!

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BPM&C Photo album links and Picture pos

Remember limit the width of your photos to 540 pixels wide at 72 pixels per inch/ 533 pixels wide at 28 pixels per centimeter.

Plain talk 7.5 inches/19 centimeters wide. You may have to set the size with your camera or scanner software or you may be able to do it with your photo software.

If you don't know how to resize your pictures don’t worry about it. If you use the controls for posting on Graybeards your pictures will be automatically resized for the board.

If you are using PhotoBucket you pictures will also be automatically resized.

Here is a photo bucket posted picture.

Here is the same picture posted to my Foto time account. Click on the pictures to see the difference.

If you choose not use the controls for posting provide in the Graybeards software do not use the center code. Be sure to size your pictures before posting.

Just a note on PhotoBucket pictures in you copy the link from PhotoBucket that include IMG and /IMG at the start and end of the link you do not have to click on the Picture posting command in Graybeards. Just paste the link in as it comes. If you post more than one picture make sure you hit the enter key after each picture.

Remember not everyone has a 19 inch monitor with high speed internet connection. There are a lot of users with smaller screens and dial up.

You feel good enough about your cannon to post pictures. If we have difficulty with your post because you haven't followed the suggestions for posting pictures we just won't look at it.

If you post a picture that is over sized, I will send you a message asking you to resize. I may also go into your post and if I can, properly format the picture. It's up to you however to fix your picture. If you don't resize the picture, I will delete it.

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