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Breaking Down

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Well guys,those of you that know me,know that my favorite aspect of trapping is the water line.Nothing gives me greater pleasure than those animals that swim,or make their living along the waters edge.
Because of our early ice I am now reduced to plan B.Shortly my friend and I will start on under ice beaver and some muskrats,to make matters worse we have even taken on a yote job.My only hope is that the water Master will forgive the error of my ways,either that or a quick major thaw.
I do have to admit I am looking forward to the change in scenery.Good luck to all on your lines.
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Hey Bogmaster, "taking on a 'yote job!" WOW. I knew you would come around eventually. Once you experience DRY FEET trapping, you'll never go back to water, LOL! Have a good season, we'll be waiting for a report on this one!!!! Ace
Is M.T. your partner in crime on this coy-o-tee adventure? Better get those **** sets out- warm weather is a comin.....t'man :lol:
Steve,yes mike is in this misguided adventure with me.We will be setting a bunch of cooncuffs too.The **** in the last spot had been eliminated by disease.So hopefully we will pick up some dandies.Boy I hate skinning animals that have fleas,nothing like skinning a sweetsmelling 70 pound beaver or even a bunch of rats.But I guess it goes with the territory.Talk to you later. Tom
Hey, there Bog'ie This here salt water dont freeze "much".But I must say that this 14 dregee stuff just has to stop. Even the bay is'a maken ice.
Will you guys keep your cold weather up there where it belongs.And what the **** is this white stuff n the ground.
Newt,glad you were able to participate in the "cussing of the white".We have very little here,just a dusting.I would be glad if for this year,you would keep it.Loved snow as a child but as each year goes by,I like it--less and less.All snow gives me now is a backache from shoveling.
Pizza,brother--lol. Tom
I am with you on those wet feet.Most of my trappen is out of some kind of a boat.And thats Fox too
Pizza Brothers to the end !!!
The weather is supposed to warm up real nice this week Tom- so those canines (and skunks and possums and housecats LOL) should really be moving. Good luck- Mike I can see getting down with those ki-yo-tees- but YOU- I thought you had more sense.....

Learned a good lession beavering yesterday. Had a frozen little pond with an active crossover going down into the small creek- very rocky creek. Only set was a 330 below the dam in the creek. Because it was 100% rock, I had to put rocks, etc on springs to stabilze. Because it was fast water and trap "shaky"- I figured I wanted beaver in trap as much as possible before it fired, so I bent triggers into L- like you would to avoid otter. Of course, yesterday came and had a large beaver wearing the 330 over its hips and rear legs. Not something I wanted. Lession learned.

THEN... went to a nice mink/rat/**** location to set up yesterday. A few beaver there every other year or so. THIS year, they built in a new spot- so their feed pile is right over my absolute best mink spot anywhere over my lines! I had set that spot up for 20 years and catch 3-4 mink and rats off it each year. So now I got to get those beaver out of there LOL Set 3 castor mound sets- sorry Tom- used #4 DLS.....later trappnman
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2 for 3 on the castor mounds this morning.

Jeepers, this beaverin is sure ez. :-D
Edge,cant get used to the stink needed for yotes lol--urine,call lure[skunk],bait[long dead and twice as ripe]gland lure--well you get the picture.
With beaver I get to use my Moundmaster lures and thats what I smell like[wonderful].Get home tonight after setting for yotes,my better half says I stink--what were you setting for??But I am sure a few of those hi priced[who am I kidding???] Minnesota brush wolves will change my whole outlook on life.Thank God we found some rats and got some beav to set for.Love those water beasts Edge ....
Stink? Why ya liver bellied long haired sidewinder- that be the smell of the wolfer...the smell of a man among men. :lol:

Wait until you need to stop at the store for something on your way home.....just be proud Tom, be proud..... :oops:
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